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Preventative Medicine and Community Education

January 6, 2020 - Recently, Fellow Man International physician, Dr. Marvin Pineda was invited to give a class regarding breast cancer to women of the cooperative savings and loan in Pinalejo. Rotary International and the Salina Noon Rotary provided a grant last year to purchase didactic materials for the FMI preventative medicine and community education program. As you can see, Dr. Marvin did a fantastic job of creating a program that was engaging and informative by using models of the female breast with small lumps hidden within the silicone to teach women self breast examination. By the looks on the women's faces, they truly enjoyed this special learning opportunity! We are infinitely grateful to Rotary International and the Salina Noon Rotary of Salina, Kansas for their support! Well done Dr. Marvin! What a wonderful way to help Honduran women protect their health.

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The Dream of Dental Care

rollover image child with many cavitiesJuly 30, 2019 - Earlier this year, Rev. Fay Quanstrom- Associate Pastor at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church in Gold Canyon, Arizona, delivered some news that has impacted the FMI mission in ways we could have barely imagined! Every time we asked people from the villages in our service area, "what more can we do", there was always a common theme...dentistry. Finding a dentist who would be willing to serve in a rural area on a full-time basis was a very difficult task, especially considering our equipment was outdated and supplies had been depleted. Yet God answered the prayers of his people in two really important ways. First, Dr. Fredy Antonio Peña Rivera found it within his heart to serve his people even though he had the opportunity to continue his studies abroad. Second, with the kind support of the leadership at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church, it was decided that the Easter Sunday offering would be generously donated to FMI for the purpose of making the dream of a modern, well-equipped dental suite to provide comprehensive dental services, a reality. The generosity of the people who gave on that Easter Sunday at Gold Canyon United Methodist Church has allowed us to embark on yet another amazing journey to serve our fellow man. See below the video of our dentist Dr. Fredy Peña and Cruz Cardona, agronomist, shopping for and picking up everything from a new dental chair, sterilizer, x-ray machine etc., to all of the materials needed to clean teeth, fill cavities and even perform root canals!

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