fellow man international header with logo Fellow Man International website banner with a closeup of a young Honduran girl. The FMI motto reads, quality health care for the sick, sustainable agriculture for the hungry, education for those who dream.
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We Would Like to Hear from You

If you have questions or concerns regarding our organization's activities, we would like to hear from you. Thank you for your interest in our project.

Name Title Address Phone Email
Lisa Armstrong Founder 24975 Harper Road Humboldt, KS 66748 (785) 219-1390 lisaarmstrong@fellowmaninternational.com
Marshall Stanton President FMI P.O. Box 2993 Salina, KS 67402 (785) 823-1341 stanma35.ms@gmail.com

Fellow Man International Live Chat

We would love to speak with you as well as provide a forum for discussion with other interested parties and supporters of Fellow Man International. Join our live chat now!